Blue Grey Muslin Cot Duvet

R 480.00

The softness and comfort of our 100% Cotton Muslin Cot Duvet cover guarantees many hours of sleep! 
Each duvet set includes one baby pillow case.



  • Duvet cover: 80cm x 110cm
  • Pillow case:  32cm x 24cm


  • Muslin should be treated gently when washing
  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash muslin using cold water
  • Use gentle laundry detergent
  • Do not soak, bleach or wring dry
  • Lay muslin flat to dry. You can also tumble dry on low, but make sure to remove the item from the dryer before it’s completely dry.
Please note hat this does not include the duvet inner. You can purchase inners separately. 

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